London and the world for Christ

Our mission statement is London and the world for Christ. Because of our multicultural make up and the influence that gives us all over the world our desire to influence the nations for Christ is also a realistic expectation.

Our mission is simple — Connecting with God, each other and the world

Connecting With God
We each have a life that we have been created to live. That life is first found in proper connection to God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Our aim is to provide a God-honoring atmosphere for that relationship to develop through the study of God’s Word and Worship.

Connecting With Each Other
We have each been designed to live out our journey with God in connection with one another. God has brought each and every believer into community with one another and has equipped us for a specific function within that community. It is our aim to see every believer enabled to discover and “live out” their part.

Connecting With The World
There are always people in our sphere of influence who are outside the family of God. Many have become lost and confused in the darkness of this world. Our aim is to shine the light of Gods gospel into the confusion of this world’s darkness through personal evangelism and various outreach events.